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Route L17 – Bridgemere Garden Centre (13 miles-easy)

A peaceful way to travel to the huge Bridgemere Garden Centre with its show gardens, cafes, shopping facilities, children's activities etc. The route sets off northwards from Audlem, then turns east to arrive at the edge of the complex from quiet and scenic lanes.

  • The route follows back roads and 'B roads' but a short 0.8 mile section of the busy A529 is involved from Hankelow northwards. Alternatively, this section has a good footway which can be walked with cycles, but cycling on it is not permitted.
  • The main road crossing of the A525 at the end of School Lane in Audlem requires care.
  • On the approach to Bridgemere, Dingle Lane has a ford through which care should be taken and brakes tested afterwards. The ford should not be attempted if fast flowing.
  • The final approach to the garden centre entrance involves a few metres of the A51, on which care should be taken. Be sure to arrive by the entrance and leave by the exit, to avoid meeting oncoming traffic!


Two cafes at Bridgemere Garden Centre

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