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Car Journey Sharing

Car Journey Sharing – March 2014

The ADAPT Energy and Transport Group are actively seeking ways to help improve the sustainability of Audlem and District.
It was noticeable from the Parish Council's transport survey last year that much of Audlem's transportation energy use is associated with commuting by car. As a result we have been looking at ways to cut down both the costs and the carbon emissions of our regular journeys.
We want to make more people in Audlem and District aware of car journey sharing as a practical means of saving lots of money, as well as helping others in the community, not to mention reducing the impact on the environment.
There are several national schemes available, and in particular offers a service to match the journeys of potential participants. There are already 3 journey share offers from Audlem registered on the site! This scheme is the largest in the UK, is free to individuals, and is a mission driven social enterprise. There is clear advice on safety, and insurance, and it is easy to use.
To give a feel for how much can be saved by journey sharing, we have calculated that a return journey to Nantwich costs between £2 and £5 depending on the type of vehicle deployed. So sharing such a daily weekday journey could save the participants between £450 and £1,150 per year.
At ADAPT, we are aware of the number of empty car seats commuting in and out of Audlem daily, so why not consider car journey sharing? The savings are worth having!

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