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UK Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill Alliance is campaigning for the UK to go further and faster than the government's 2050 target, noting that the Climate Change Committee's 2020 progress report says that "policy implementation has not yet met the required ambition". The Bill is making its way through Parliament, gathering support from MPs responding to public interest. On 19th April 2021 over 100 climate scientists and environmentalists sent an open letter to the Prime Minister urging him to prioritise the bill in the next parliamentary session.

The Climate Coalition

The Climate Coalition represents over 100 organisations across the UK including the Women's Institute, Oxfam, the National Trust and the RSPB – read their 10 point plan for a green, healthy and fair recovery and sign the Coalition's Declaration addressed to the Prime Minister.

Wildlife and Countryside Link

The Wildlife and Countryside Link is the largest environment and wildlife coalition in England, bringing together 57 organisations to use their strong joint voice for the protection of nature. They are urging the Prime Minister to set a legally binding target in the Environment Bill to reverse the loss of nature in England by 2030. Sign their petition!


CPRE, the countryside charity, is a national countryside charity passionate about making the countryside a better place for everyone to live, work and enjoy.

Greener UK

Greener UK is a coalition of 12 major environmental organisations including CPRE, The Wildlife Trusts, WWT and the Woodland Trust who came together to ensure that the UK, having left the EU, maintains and enhances environmental protections, including in new trade agreements. Supporters include the Women's Institute and Canal & River Trust.

Teach the Future

Teach the Future campaigns for students to be taught about the climate emergency and ecological crisis: how they are caused, what we can do to mitigate them and what our future lives and jobs are going to look like due to them. Sustainability and these crises need to become key content in all subject areas.

Right to Repair

The Restart Project advocates for the right to repair in the UK. The project also helps people learn how to repair their broken electronics, and rethink how they consume them in the first place.

Impact Score

Impact Score is a phone app giving people a simple way to apply pressure and make businesses more accountable to society and the environment.


ShareAction campaigns for responsible investment which integrates environmental, social, and governance factors into investment analysis and decisions. Their vision is of an investment system that truly serves savers and communities, and protects the environment for the long term.


StopEcocide is working to change the rules and make ecocide an international crime because in most countries today mass destruction of ecosystems is legally permitted. Support the campaign by signing the petition and becoming an Earth Protector!

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