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Route N – Audlem to Nantwich (13 miles-easy / moderate)

Enjoy a pleasant rural route between Audlem and Nantwich, without the hassle of the busy and narrow A529! Typically, you can be there in 45 minutes or so.
The route uses the rural back road, Coole Lane, with a half mile section of the A530 leading to Nantwich centre via traffic-free cycle paths.
The exit from Audlem is achieved either by:

Route N (14.7 miles-easy)

By road via Whitchurch Road to Coole Lane

  • Avoiding the towpath section, this route involves a 1 mile section of the A525 Whitchurch Road to Coole Lane.
  • This is a busy main road requiring caution, especially around the narrow bridge crossing the River Weaver.
  • There are short sections of moderate gradient either side of the bridge over the Weaver, but otherwise the route is largely flat.

Route N* (12.2 miles-moderate)

The canal towpath from Audlem Wharf to Coole Lane

  • Approximately half of the towpath section is on hard surface, with the remainder on compacted earth which can be muddy and slippery after rain. Not recommended in wet or icy winter conditions.
  • Access at the Audlem end is flat, but at Coole Lane there are two options: either a short but very steep flight of steps to link directly at the road bridge 82. Cyclists must be confident that they can carry their cycle up or down these steps before attempting this option. Dismounting essential. or a ramp at Bridge 83, from where a short footpath links with Coole Lane. Cyclists must dismount and walk the short ramp and footpath section as cycling is not permitted. The towpath section between bridges 82 and 83 can, however, be muddy and slippery after rain.
  • The towpath can be busy with walkers and anglers at weekends. Please be courteous and follow the towpath code. Watch out for anglers, use your bell well ahead and be prepared to dismount.
  • The towpath route option is generally flat with no steep gradients, other than one very short steep lock approach at Bridge 79 where dismounting between the lock and the bridge is recommended.

A route to Nantwich by towpath all the way is possible, but is bumpy and includes a wet section to the north of the A530. Overall, it is longer, slower and less comfortable than the routes above.

Places of interest

The Secret Bunker, Hack Green (Admission Charges apply)


Overwater Marina Coffee Lounge is a short detour from both route options. Refer to route A2 notes for details.

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