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Route L3 – AMICA 5 Churches (29 miles – moderate)

A group of 5 picturesque rural churches in north Shropshire operate together under a benefice arrangement sharing a rector and administrative functions. This network is known as 'AMICA', this being an acronym comprised of the initials of the villages served: Adderley, Moreton Say, Ightfield, Calverhall and Ash. Clive of India was born in Styche Hall, which can be viewed across fields from the route and buried in St Margaret's, the parish church of Morton Say.

A tour of these villages provides views of all 5 AMICA churches in a largely circular route through an idyllic landscape.

Just beyond Ash Magna to the north West is the nature reserve of Melverley Meadows, operated by Shropshire Wildlife Trust, which displays a flower rich hay meadow from April to July.

Bird watchers will enjoy stopping to view the pools at Lodmore Lane, (north of Ightfield) and Tittenley Pool, (south of Wilkesley), both of which are adjacent to the lanes on this route.

Between Audlem and Adderley, you have the option of travelling:

Route L3 (31.6 miles-easy) on the on-road route via a short section of the A525 to back lanes via Coxbank, Wilkesley and the edge of Shavington Park, before turning left towards Adderley, whose church is on the busy A529. A short section must be retraced to return to the circular route.

Route L3* (25.9 miles- moderate) via the towpath to Hawkesmoor Bridge (No 72), Adderley

  • This provides a convenient circular route, but the towpath can be muddy and slippery after rain. Not recommended in wet or icy winter conditions.
  • Towpath access at the Audlem end is flat, but at Hawkesmoor Bridge, Adderley (No 72), a short steep slope is involved where cyclists should dismount
  • The towpath between Audlem Wharf and Bridge 76 can be busy with walkers at weekends. Please be courteous and follow the towpath code.

On both options:

  • Care must be taken on the short main road sections of the A525, east of Audlem and the A529 by Adderley Church and the A525 crossing at School Lane.
  • The crossing of the main A529 road at Coxbank has limited line of sight and requires great care.

Places of Interest

Melverley Meadows Nature Reserve


The Olde Jack, Calverhall
The White Lion, Ash Magna

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